Public Folder Details View

Once you have added a public folder, that folder will appear in the left-hand list under the expanded Public Folders entry. You can show the public folder’s details in the right-hand window by selecting the public folder in the WinPST Navigation Pane.


The view consists of one table which shows a list of users that have access to the folder. If you granted a group of users access to the folder, the members of the group are shown individually in this table. The access of each user is shown in the Access column. The access shown is the best access that the user has been granted.

For example, if the user is part of a group, which has been granted read access, but the user has also individually been granted delete access, then the effective access granted to the user will be, and will be shown as, delete access.

To modify the access right to this public folder:

  1. Press the Administer access to this folder… button;
  2. The Edit Public Folder window is displayed and you can modify the access right. (Alternatively, right click the folder and select Properties);

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