Copying existing data to a public folder

When a public folder is first created in WinPST Administrator it will contain no data. Once access permissions have been assigned, the folder will appear in Microsoft Outlook for the relevant clients, under the Public Folders.

It is often necessary to populate this folder with data that currently exists in one or more personal folders. In order to do this the relevant clients will need to have write access to the public folder. Data can be copied by one of the following methods.

  • Drag/drop. Select the items to be moved and drag them to the public folder. Do not try to drag the source folder into the public folder.
  • Copy/Paste. Select the items to be moved and either Copy or Cut the items. Select the public folder and paste the objects into the folder.
  • Import/Export. Use the import/export functions available from the File menu in Outlook to export the contents of the selected folder to a Personal Folder (PST) file. Then use the import utility to import the data to the public folder.

Tip:  When selecting the contents of a calendar folder change the view to a tabular view that will display all items. To do this in Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 select the calendar folder and click View > Arange By > Current view > Define views. Click New and define your table view. In the table view, click Edit, Select All.

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