The Server page shows the interface and the port on which the server listens for incoming client connections.


  • Interface: By default, the server listens on all interfaces, however, if the server computer is multi-homed (i.e. has more than one IP address) then you can listen on a specific interface, rather than all interfaces, by selecting the appropriate IP address from the Interface drop down list. You might typically want to change this from [All Interfaces] if the server computer is connected to both the LAN and directly to the Internet (on different interfaces) and you only wish the server to listen on the local interface.
  • Listening Port: The accepting range of Listening Port is 1-65535. Please find a free port and make sure the client should be connected to the same port.
  • Listen BackLog: The maximum length of queue of pending connections. On Windows workstations, the maximum backlog value is 5. On Windows servers, the maximum value is 200.

Tip: Changes will take effect the next time you startup the server.

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