Personal Folder

When a user synchronizes Microsoft Outlook with WinPST Server, the user’s personal folders will appear in the Administrator under the corresponding user entry.

Once these folders appear in the Administrator, you may grant access to these folders for other users and groups. For more information, see Granting Access to a Specific Folder.

It is possible to add a personal folder for a user. You can do this by right clicking on the user entry and selecting New Folder from the context menu. When you do this the New Personal Folder wizard is displayed:

  1. Enter a name for the folder into the Name field. This is the name of the folder that will appear in the user’s Outlook folder list;
  2. Specify the folder type by selecting from the Type drop down list. If this folder is intended to be a sub folder of an existing public folder, select the parent folder from the Parent drop down list;
  3. Select users and groups and select Access Level from the drop down list, then click Add to give them the chosen level of access. If this is a sub folder, checking the “Inherit access from parent” box will cause the access permissions to track those set on the parent folder.
  4. Click OK to add the folder.

The folder will automatically appear in the associated user’s folder list and when that user next synchronizes it will appear in their folder list in Outlook. If you want to change access permissions at any time refer to Granting Access to a Specific Folder.

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