Granting Access to a Specific Folder

You can grant access to a user’s folder or to a public folder by selecting the folder in the WinPST Navigation Pane of the Administrator and then pressing the Administer access to this folder button in the right-hand window of the Administrator.

When you press this button, the Edit Personal Folder/ Edit Public Folder window is displayed. You can select which user and group have access to this folder.

To grant another user or group access to this folder:

  1. Select the user or group from the top drop down list, and press the Add button;
  2. The user will be added with the access shown in the Access Level drop down list;
    If there is no selection in this drop down list then as soon as a user is added the selection will default to Read Access. To change the access level, select the user(s) or group(s) from the list and select the appropriate access level from the drop down list.
  3. Press OK to make the change.

Tip:  If you add a group with the Read/Create Access, but you also want to grant Jerry Moreno, who is the Manager of this group, the Read/Create/Edit/Delete Access, you can grant Jerry Moreno the Read/Create/Edit/Delete Access individually.  This is called best access and the access has granted to Jerry Moreno will be shown as Read/Create/Edit/Delete Access.

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