Granting Access to all the Folders of a User

To grant access to all the folders belonging to a particular user, right click the appropriate user in the WinPST Navigation Pane of the Administrator. Select Properties, click the Access page, you can select which users or groups have access to all the folders shared by this user.

To give another user or group access to all of this user’s folders:

  1. Select the user or group from the top drop down list and press the Add button;
  2. The user will be added with the default Read Access. To change the access level, select the user(s) or group(s) from the list and select the appropriate access level from the drop down list;
  3. Press OK to make the change.

The specified user or group will now have the appropriate access to all of the target user’s folders. If you just want to grant access to one of the user’s folders then this is done slightly differently. For more information on this, see Granting Access to a Specific Folder.

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