WinPST Administrator is the program which let you have the full control of the users, their shared folders and the public folders. It plays the vital role in the entire WinPST software coordination.

The Specific controls are as follows:

  • Add, eidit and delete users/groups;
  • Add, eidit and delete personal folders/public folders;
  • Grant Access to a Specific Folder;
  • Grant Access to all the Folders of a User;
  • Modify general settings for WinPST, such as synchronization schedule, authorizing ability for users to administer access to their folders and so on.

The WinPST Navigation Pane shows a tree list containing the currently defined list of users, groups and public folders.
Select WinPST Server in the WinPST Navigation Pane, you can see the welcome screen above with the Registration Status and Support section.

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