Connection Details

WinPST Server is a program that runs background without interface.  You can’t synchronize any information from WinPST Administrator until you connect with WinPST Server.

To connect  WinPST Server,  select Tools > WinPST > Settings, and go to the Connection page, which is displayed as follows:


You should enter the connection details to connect to WinPST Server:

  • Username: Username for authentication login
  • Password: Password for authentication login (You can leave this item as blank if this user is added without a password in WinPST Administrator.)
  • Server: Server that is listened on by WinPST Server
  • Port: Port that is listened by WinPST Server
  • On failure: When the automatic Synchronization fails, there are three options for WinPST Client Addin to act:
    1. Retry silently: WinPST Client Addin will not prompt the user and retry connecting the server until the next Synchronization Period.
    2. Prompt for server detail: WinPST Client Addin will show a window to prompt the user the details about the error.
    3. Disable automatic synchronization until restart: WinPST Client Addin will disable the automatic synchronization until you restart the Microsoft Outlook.

If you want to remove all current shared information, click, then a pop-up window is displayed as follows:


You need to enter the user password to make sure you would like to remove the user! If there is no a password, just leave this item as blank and click OK to finish the removing.

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