Granting Access to Folders for other users

In addition to the Administrator having full access control over all users and folders participating in WinPST, it is also possible for each user to grant access to their own folders for other users when they are allowed.

Note: Users may have no ability to setup access permission to their folders, please refer to the topic Security in help document of WinPST Administrator.

This can be done by selecting Tools > WinPST > Settings… from the menu within Microsoft Outlook. The Settings property sheet will be displayed, showing the Settings page.


  1. Select the folder that you wish to grant access to and press the Access…  button;
    If this button is disabled, it is because the selected folder has not yet been synchronized up to the WinPST server. Once you click the Apply button for the changes to take effect, this button will be enabled.
  2. Press the Access… button will display the Access property sheet;

  3. Select from the User drop down list the user for whom you wish to grant access to the selected folder and press Add. The user will appear in the Users list below with a default access level of Read Access.
    If you wish to change this access, for instance to give the user full access to the folder, then select the entry in the list and drop down the appropriate access level from the Access Level drop down list.
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