Synchronization Wizard

As soon as the wizard completed, Microsoft Outlook will be launched, and open the WinPST Synchronization Wizard automatically:

  • Step 1: This wizard lets the user choose whether or not they wish to synchronize their Microsoft Outlook data with the server. Choose Yes, I want to synchronize my data with the server and press Next.

  • Step 2: The Synchronization Wizard will automatically fill out the IP Address and Port of the WinPST Server, the user can also correct it manually. Please ensure that WinPST server is running, then press Next.

  • Step 3: Specify the Login Details of the WinPST Server.

    This page requires the user to select their name from the dropdown list and enter their password. If the user’s name does not appear in this list, then this user has not yet been added to WinPST Administrator.
    Provided that the Select which Outlook folders to synchronize tick box is checked, the next page will present the user with a list of his/her Microsoft Outlook folders, which may be selected for sharing with other users.

  • Step 4: Check the tick box next to each folder that is to be made available for sharing and press Next.

    Note: Selecting a folder for sharing in the way described above will not immediately allow other users to share the folder. Instead, after the first synchronization, the folder will simply be made available to the Administrator (or indeed to the user) in order that appropriate access may then be granted to the folder. For more information on granting access to available folders, see Granting Access to a Specific Folder.

  • Step 5: The last page shown is the Setup Ready page. This page informs you that the Synchronization wizard has all the information it needs to go ahead and being the first synchronization. Press Finish to start the synchronization.

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