As soon as Microsoft Outlook is started, it will start communicating with the server for the first time. It will upload the shared personal folders and their contents to the server. No other users will see this information until an Administrator specifically grants access to the relevant personal folder.

While the synchronization process is happening, the user is in no way impeded from using all the normal WinPST Client Addin for Outlook functions. The duration of the initial synchronization process will depend on how much data exists in the personal folders.

Users can initiate the synchronization manually, by selecting Tools > WinPST > Synchronize.

The frequency at which automated synchronizations occur depends upon the synchronization frequency setting. For more information, see the Update topics under the Setting directory in WinPST Administrator Help Document.

The automated synchronization always occurs silently in the background. The user will generally be unaware of the synchronization taking place. If you performed the synchronization manually and have made the setting to show the progress on synchronization. You can get the following message during the synchronizing:


To show this message, select Tools > WinPST > Settings…, select the Synchronization page and it is displayed as follows:

You can specify whether to use the server defined synchronization schedule or define your own by  entering the appropriate number of minutes.

  • Show progress on synchronization: To show Synchronize progress window when synchronizing.
  • Automatically hide on completion: To automatically hide Synchronize progress window when the synchronization is completed.
  • Prompt me if conflicts: To prompt you a message asking you whether to continue the synchronization when you have made some changes to the folders which you haven't related access right.

    For example, Paul Ball has granted you Read Access to his personal folder My Notes, but you have edited the contents in this folder. When the synchronization starts in the schedule time or you synchronize manually, you can get the pop-up message as follows:

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