Configuration Wizard

As soon as the installation completed, the WinPST Server Configuration Wizard be launched automatically. Please follow the wizard to configure the database type and data location desired to perform the WinPST Service.

  • Step 1: Database Select
    You can choose the database engine you wish to use in conjunction with WinPST Server.

    You can choose between the Jet Database and SQL Server Database.
    The Jet Database is the Microsoft database shipped with Windows. It is not recommended that you use the Jet Database if there are more than 30 users.

  • The SQL Server Database can be purchased separately from Microsoft. Or you can use the free version, such as Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. You can check at:

  • Step 2: Choose the Database type based on your actual needs.  
    • If you choose Jet Database, click Next to the Access Database file page.

      You can specify the folder for data files by clicking the Browse…and select a path.

    • If you choose the SQL Server Database, click Next to the Database Server.

      You should enter the Server Name or IP Address for the SQL Server to be used by WinPST Server. You can choose Windows NT Login or SQL Server Login.

  • Step 3: Click Next to the Saving Method for Outlook data page. You can choose between Separate data files and Save to database directly. At last, click Finish.

    Once you finish the WinPST Server Setup Wizard, you can come to the main interface of  WinPST Administrator. Click the Start button in the toolbar to run  WinPST Server in backgroud.

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