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 Product - WinPST Share Outlook - Configuring access

Full access control is made available through WinPST Administrator. It makes it very easy to specify which people should have access to certain data within your organization. It lets you grant access in several different ways:

You can grant access for:

  • a user to a folder
  • a user to another user
  • a group of users to a folder
  • a group of users to a user

There are several different levels of access that may be granted. These are as follows:

  • No access
  • Read access
  • Read/Create access
  • Read/Create/Edit access
  • Read/Create/Edit/Delete access

Granting access to a folder is very simple. When you select a folder in the WinPST Share Outlook Navigation pane of the administrator, the details of that folder are shown in the right hand window.

Pressing the Administer access to this user's folders... will display an Access property sheet for that folder, allowing you to grant or deny access to the folder appropriately.

However, if you have many users, granting access for everyone to everyone else's folders could be a very laborious task, if it was done this way. For this reason, the WinPST Administrator lets you grant access for a group of users to a particular folder, or even for a group of users to a particular user (giving the same access to all the user's folders).