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How do I Compact and repair a Jet Database?


  • The JET Database used by WinPST Share Outlook is growing in size and you would like to recover unused space.
  • When the Administrator is started you receive the error Failed to access database! and the Users and Registration Details are missing.
  • The log files show the error ERROR No create access to folder
  • The WinPST Server can crash during synchronization with an Outlook client.

It is recommended to periodically compact and repair your JET database file(*.mdb) to help improve performance and to reduce file size by recovering space from deleted items.

To compact your JET database file:

  • Open the WinPST Administrator program;
  • Select Home menu, and then Compact button on toolbar;
  • The compacting details will be generated in the pop up window;
  • Click Close button to close it.


Note: This information only applies to WinPST Server installed to use a JET database.

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