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How do i enable logs for WinPST Share Outlook?

Creating a log of the communications can help in diagnosing synchronization problems between the WinPST client and the WinPST server.

Configuring Server-side logging:

  • Open the WinPST Administrator program;
  • Select the Settings icon in the Navigation, click Logging link;
  • Select the Log communications check box
  • Click OK.

Logging will start as soon as the server next communicates with a client. Please remember that the logging function is a diagnostic tool that may have an impact on the performance of the WinPST server. The log files can become very large in size. You should disable this facility once you have finished your testing.

Configuring Client-side logging:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program;
  • Click Settings icon on the toolbar, or click Tools -> WinPST Share Outlook -> Settings... menu;
  • Click on the Logging tab;
  • Select the Log communications check box;
  • Click OK.

The log file will be automatically generated in the specified folder the next time that Outlook starts up. To open the folder in which the log files reside, from the Logging tab of the Settings dialogue, click on the Open log file folder button.

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