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How do I remove duplicate items from a shared folder?

Folders shared by WinPST Share Outlook contain duplicate entries.

This can happen for various reasons and is not necessarily related to WinPST Share Outlook synchronization. Where it is related to WinPST Share Outlook activity some possible causes are:

  • A client is re-installed following an un-install that did not remove the data from the server;
  • Add-in conflicts within Outlook. See FAQ How do I resolve Outlook Add-in Conflicts?
  • Multiple Outlook clients sharing a common PST file and synchronizing with WinPST Share Outlook.

To manually delete Outlook duplicate items, please follow these steps: 

Select any table view using the View | Current View menu (in Outlook 2003: View | Arrange By | Current View). For email folders, all standard views use a table view. In the calendar, choose Events or By Category view. In Outlook 2003 and 2007, if you turn the reading pane off or drag it to the right to shrink it, the 2-line message list converts to a one-line list.

        • Right-click any column heading, then choose Field Chooser
        • In the Field Chooser, switch from the Frequently-used fields list to Date/Time fields, and then drag the Modified date to the view to add it to the fields displayed;
        • Click on the Modified column header  to sort by that field;
        • You should now see your Outlook items in reverse chronological order;
        • Click on the first item you want to delete;
        • Use the scroll bar to find the last item with the same modified date;
        • Hold down the Shift key as you click on the last one. This selects all the items between the two selections;
        • Press Delete to remove them all from the folder;
        • Drag the Modified column header out of the view to remove it.

    This method works well with imported items or when you re-download messages left on the email server because you'll have one set of items with the same import.

    The simple way to remove duplicate items from a shared folder is using the WinPST Outlook Duplicate Remover.

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