How do I resolve Outlook Add-in Conflicts?

Any synchronization problems, including those where records are:

  • Synchronized as blank items
  • Synchronized incompletely
  • Duplicate items

Add-ins are extensions to Outlook that may be loaded into Microsoft Outlook when installing third party software. Sometimes add-ins fail to interact in the expected manner. Often the solution is to uncheck the Add-ins you are not using.

The Add-ins required by WinPST are:

  • WinPST Outlook Extension
  • WinPST Outlook Addi

The following Add-ins are known to cause problems with WinPST. We recommend that you uncheck them.

  • Exchange Extensions Property Pages Add-in
  • Outlook Sync

Uncheck all non-essential add-ins

Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and 2003

Open Outlook and click on Tools >> Options

Click on the Other tab and then click on the Advanced Options... button.

Click on Add-In Manager...

Uncheck all non-essential add-ins, leaving the WinPST Outlook Extension checked if it is listed. Click OK;

Click on the COM Add-Ins... button;

Uncheck all non-esential add-ins, leaving just the WinPST Outlook Addin checked if it is listed. Click on OK and then OK again. Note this is normal behaviour in Outlook 2000, XP and 2003 if the add-in not shown in the COM add-ins list.


Outlook 2007 and 2010

Open Outlook and select Tools >> Trust Center from the menubar;

Select Add-ins from the left panel

At the bottom of the dialogue, set the Manage dropdown box to COM Add-ins and click on the Go... button.

We recommend that wherever possible you disable all Add-ins other than the WinPST Outlook Addin and WinPST Outlook Extension.

Caveat: If the below message is displayed:

then please be sure that a user with Administrative rights is logged in. If user account control is enabled then please run Outlook as an Administrator to overcome this. This is done most easily by navigating to the Outlook shortcut in the Start menu, holding shift and then right-clicking on the Outlook shortcut. Holding down the shift key will force the Run as Administrator menu to be displayed. Click on this item.

Restart Outlook

If unchecking non-essential Add-ins as mentioned above did not resolve the issue, then we recommend that you disable all the add-ins except the WinPST Outlook Addin and WinPST Outlook Extensio add-ins and then re-enable them again one at a time until the problem re-occurs. You can then determine which add-in is causing the problem.

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