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 Product - WinPST Share Outlook - Share the Outlook data

Sharing Outlook Calendars, Contacts, Email, Tasks and Notes is now possible by using WinPST Share Outlook. When WinPST client Addin installed on a user's computer, Outlook synchronizes it's data with the WinPST server. The Outlook user's folders, such as calendar, contacts list, email, their tasks and notes then become available to an administrator, via the WinPST administrator program.

Initially, other users do not have access to these folders. In order for another user to access the information stored in one of these folders, the administrator must give such users at least read access to the folder.

Once this access is granted, then the next time the granted user's Outlook synchronizes with WinPST Share Outlook, a folder will appear in the user's folder list showing this new information. The picture below shows how this information would typically be represented inside Outlook.


WinPST Share Outlook also lets an administrator create public folders and then assign the appropriate access rights to these folders. For example, if you wanted to create a shared contact list, which was available to all staff from within Outlook, this would be easily done by creating a public folder in the WinPST administrator and granting the appropriate access rights to the relevant people. If one member of staff adds a contact to this folder, then provided he or she has sufficient access to do this, the contact will appear in that folder within all participating Outlooks.

The WinPST administrator lets you grant access in several different ways:

You can grant access for:

  • a user to a folder
  • a user to another user
  • a group of users to a folder
  • a group of users to a user


The WinPST administrator provides you with a very clear picture of what access a particular user has to other folders and also which users have access to a particular folder. The picture below shows a screenshot of the WinPST administrator with a user selected in the WinPST Share Outlook Navigation pane. The right-hand window describes fully this user's access to other folders.